Contentmart: How reliable is this for writers and clients?

Contentmart: How reliable is this for writers and clients?

In the era of online job portals, you have probably heard of Contentmart– the online job portal for content writers and content seekers. Definitely, the best platform for writers and clients but it has its shares of disadvantages too. Clients and writers face different disadvantages of using Contentmart. Here, I am going to give you a critical review of contentmart. Let’s have a look–

ContentmartAdvantages of writers

  • Free samples– There are many clients on contentmart who are just frauds. They ask for free samples and just disappear. A great disappointment for writers and Contentmart has no provision to restrict it yet.
  • Payments– The payments are easy and smooth but however, you cannot withdraw your money unless and until it is 3000 INR. So if you decide to stop working after earning 1000 INR, you will not have any way to get it.
  • No personal information– You cannot share any personal information like phone numbers or emails over here, because if you do Contentmart simply blocks you. They do have warning system!
  • No proper structure to get notification– If you are email is associated with Contentmart, only then you will get some notification, otherwise you won’t. The notification system of Contentmart is not proper.
  • Everything is on client’s hand– Here everything is on client’s hand, from initiating chat to rejecting orders. Writers have a very little stand in everything.

Advantages for clients–

  • Price limit– For restricting exploitation, Contentmart has put up a minimum price limit which is 200. A good step indeed, however, some clients may have the requirements of a little article which can be of 100 words. However, you have to pay 200 to get that. A great disadvantage.
  • Payment– The payment system is easy and simple. However, after rejecting any article if the writer puts the dispute for arbitration, Contentmart blocks your money and if they orders in favour of the writer, you will not get any refund.
  • No other way of communication– Writers and clients are not permitted to share their personal information which can prove to be pretty messed up as Contentmart does not come as an app and it does not notify properly when a message enters your profile. So, you have to wait for a long time to get an answer from any writer.
  • Automated payment–Contentmart has automated payment system which works when a client is off for five days. That is a disadvantage in favour of any client.

However, there can be many disadvantages of Contentmart, but all these have been structured to restrict exploitation and to maintain discipline. Comply with their provision, and you will find out that it is very easy to work with them.