Effective strategies for directional Church signs

Effective strategies for directional Church signs

In a church, interior signage is often used for ‘way-finding’ and is an important link to assist people in getting to where they want to go within your church.

Here are some ways you can get electronic church signs done right.

  1. Research

Look around and observe how other churches are getting their signage done. Research the market for the availability of church signs. Find out what are the minimum requirements in terms of size and quality for your sign. Based on this information you can determine how much financial resources you need to allocate here.


  1. Look around your church premises

Pretend to be a first time visitor to your church and come up with ideas where navigation and other signage should be placed. Ask a friend who is actually a first time visitor and see if he/she agrees to your ideas.

  1. Meet with your stakeholders

Your church premises are probably being used by many people for many reasons. There may be several referring names for one room in your church. To avoid confusion, discuss and come to an agreement on names of rooms and center points. This makes it easier when designing content for church directional signage.

  1. Design and Production

Once you come up with proper content for your electronic church sign, present it to an outside person and see if they can spot out any mistakes that you did not see.

If you are outsourcing your church signage, request your supplier to visit your facility and observe whether or not the signage is serving the purpose.

  1. Test your sign

Gather new visitors to the facility and get them to walk around with the help of your way-finding signs. This is a great way to test the effectiveness of your church signs.

  1. Revise

Depending on the feedback you receive after the testing stage, make alterations to your sign content and re-publish it.

Getting electronic way-finding church signs right is a vital part of your visitor experience. Therefore, by choosing LED Craft for your electronic church sign solutions, you are sure to have their service not just before your purchase but until you have the sign up and running. Find more information on LED Craft products and services here; http://www.ledcraftinc.com/church-signs/