Reach of the music depends on different tastes of music

Reach of the music depends on different tastes of music

Music knows no language as it is said. It is beyond the limitations of boundaries, culture and any barriers. These universal behaviors of music make it popular, no matter what the language, not matter what the type and not the matter where it is made. It is simply adapted by its listeners from all over the world.  Now, you can’t say that universal behaviorism is changed but yes, it is necessity of changing time that you should notice the music is no more contemporary, at least not all! The music is now inscribed in circle of particular taste of people which sometimes result in the ignorance of genuine music in the world- level. Like favoritism is in music dominates as such level that the particular singer or genre might come with any scrap music which will be appreciated by their obsessed followers. Or sometimes that music gets over appreciation and behind all a good piece falls in a shorter circle of appreciation or undermined.


Upcoming music vs. Old music

People are thrilled to wait for their artist’s song or any film’s music. The stability of music is so much shaken that music has lost their life. People are eagerly waiting now for popular songs of 2017 which will already states as ‘hot hits 2017’ make it including in music chart numbers and collections .But question arises here that : will those 2017 new songs will be the best songs of 2017 which have presumed as by its popularity not by any marks on aesthetic or critical value ? Popularity is, of course an important factor for a song but behind that true nature and characteristic of the traditional taste and most importantly quality is at its immense fall. Some people has cut the listener’s population into two fractions, one of  those are new generation people who enjoys music better and other are those boring  listeners having most of middle and old age people who follows old and classical music and claims that they understand the music better than the younger ones.
Although, both kind of extreme listeners are dangerous as the music should be so flexible and contemporary at the same time. The people who think this division is completely true are more dangerous. You should wait for newsongs2017 and enjoy the older melodies which gives today’s generation and music makers an inspiration to make a quality driven music not quantity driven music. You can have the New Year’s songs as good as ‘greatest song of 2017’, not only false listed as ‘top 100 songs’, ‘top songs 2017’ etc.